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Staying Safe In The Office When It Comes To Electricity 

Working in an office environment can sometimes be hazardous especially when it comes to electricity. In fact, a surprising number of accidents associated with electrical currents happen each and every year in this country. Consider these simple and effective tips as a way to stay safe while in an office setting or environment. For example, it is a good idea to check damaged cords and replace them if necessary. Another concern is that of tripping hazards. Avoid running cords across walkways and doors. 

Avoid Overloading Circuits

Slip and fall accidents are responsible for a large number of serious injuries every year in office buildings and other similar spaces. Exercise extreme caution and make sure that anything that may cause a trip is removed. Also avoid overloading circuits with to many plugs or devices. When an outlet is overloaded there is a greater chance that there will be a short or even a possible electrical fire. This is another case where common sense will keep an office worker safe. Always call a Rancho Cucamonga Electrical contractor if you are not sure. 

Avoid Touching An Exposed Electrical Wire

In addition, avoid pulling plugs out by the cord and rather always grip a cord firmly at the base and then pull. Equally important is to maintain all cords as far away as possible from extreme heat or fires. Any fire source or source of high heat can cause an electrical cord to melt and create a short. In any case it is recommended to avoid touching an exposed electrical wire. If a circuit is live there will almost certainly be a shock. Anyone who has ever received an electrical shock knows that it is not fun. 

Water And Electricity Simply Do Not Mix

Also, make certain that there is no water leaking on, around or near electronic devices or outlets. Water and electricity simply do not mix. Respect water and electricity and make sure that the two never meet. This is especially true in an office bathroom or food preparation area. Finally, All employees working in an office should be trained on proper electrical office safety procedures and practices. Contact All City Lights & Electrical today for Riverside CA electrician services that are reliable and trusted.